Professional ice painting equipment

Ice Peak professional equipment is the guarantee of the perfect ice cover

Ice painting equipment

Calibrated capacity.

Polyethylene with a lid. Designed to obtain a working solution by mixing paint with water.

Surface electric pump.

  • - power not less than N = 1.1 kW;
  • - supply voltage range not less than 220/230 V;
  • - productivity is not less than 35 l / min;
  • - height of pump suction not less than 60 m;
  • - connecting dimensions of the pump (inlet / outlet) not less than 1 inch;
  • - the on / off button of the pump on the terminal box of the electric motor,
  • - overheating protection system.

Copper spray frame.

It has 10 nozzles (made in Germany), located at a distance of 160 mm from each other. Nozzles with quick-disconnect couplings, have flat spraying with an angle of 120 degrees and an aqua-stop system.

Reinforced manual hose

Hose length not less than 75 meters, diameter not less than 3/4 inch. Soft, cold-resistant with fittings

Modified ice cover 

“Refrigeration and Engineering Center, LLC”, developed specialized technologies for the formation of ice coverings for various sports, which were successfully used during the international tournaments and Sochi 2014 Olympiс Games.

These technologies eliminate the main problems of the ice surface:

  • 1

    Allows you to clearly see the advertisement and the marking on the ice

  • 2

    Increase the strength of the ice coating, prevent the formation of deep injuries and cuts of ice

  • 3

    Allow you to fix any irregularities and cuts on the ice surface

  • 4

    Keep the ice transparent for a long time

  • 5

    Increase the speed and sliding properties of the ice cover

    All developments on modified ice are protected by 12 (twelve) Patents of the Russian Federation.

    The increase in the strength properties of hockey ice and the possibility of operating the arena with a smaller ice thickness over the markings and banners significantly reduces the energy consumption for ice maintenance. It allows you to improve its aesthetics and the entertainment of the game during television broadcasts. In addition, the number of ice updates required is significantly reduced, which is also extremely important with a high load on the ice object.